Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing Waka Game

This is me playing a game called "The waka". The point of the game was to use long benches to try and get the whole team across to the other side of the court. We weren't allowed to talk or we had to start again. It was really hard to balance.
Our team made it because every time there was one bence left, we pulled it to the front and kept doing it till we got to the other side.
It was fun.


Kayde said...

Hey Jeyan, You really stunned me with your recount about the WAKA GAME at Tamiki College. Just like you, I enjoyed going to Tamiki. We had a fun day out.

From Kayde

Ray said...

Hi Jeyan

how are you doing. Jeyan what team do you go for new south whales or queenland.

Unaloto said...

Hi Jeyan,

The Waka game sounds exciting, also we all had a great time, I hope I see you later too.